Kiểm tra tiếng anh lớp 5

I. Tìm từ khác

  1. am are is                 she
  2. January may            can              December
  3. Thailand Vienamese English       America
  4. first twenty second        ninth
  5. what how when           capital

II. Hoàn thành bảng sau

  Country Capital Nationality Language Vietnamese
1         Việt Nam
2         Sin-Ga-Po
3         Mỹ
4         Anh
5         Úc

III. Hãy trả lời về bản thân em

  1. What is your name? ________________________________
  2. How old are you? ________________________________
  3. What do you do? ________________________________
  4. Where are you from? ________________________________
  5. When were you born? ________________________________
  6. What is the date today? ________________________________
  7. What is the weather like today? ________________________________
  8. Which school do you go to? ________________________________
  9. What is your favorite subjects? ________________________________
  10. Do you like chicken?              ________________________________

IV. Xếp thành câu hoàn chỉnh

  1. I/eleven/ am/ years/ this/ old/ year.


  1. was/ Thanh/ born/ July/5th/on/1998.


  1. is/What/date/the/today?


  1. am/I/a students/Le Hong Phong/ at/ School/Primary.


  1. There/lots/are/of/and/cakes/candies.


V. Hãy chép lại đoạn văn sau

Peter is my new pen friend. He is twelve years old. He is from America. Last year, he visited Ha long Bay in Vietnam. This summer holiday, he is going to visit Vietnam again. He is going to visit Hue. He is going there by train and stay there for three days. He is going to visit Da Nang too. He is going to take a lot of photos there. He says he loves Vietnam very much.


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